Saturday, February 27, 2010

Festival de Carnaval

So apparently Xela parties pretty hard for Carnival. The festival was about 2 minutes away from my house and on my way to the bus stop. Thus, I was lucky enough to see the dilapidated carnival rides, closed up stands covered in Disney bed linen, and smell day old fried foods bright and early every morning. The carnival rides were a show in themselves; the typical ferris where, merry go round, and other children's rides were there, but they were chipped, discolored, faulty looking, and plain old creepy.

The characters on the kid's rides included Ronald McDonald, some male character from a Mexican tv show with pigtails and freckles, and rip-off Pooh bear with a button down collared shirt, and other strange looking animals. It was an overwhelming and interesting festival with lots of colors, noises, and smells. But lets get to the part that I'm really interested in: the food.

All of the typical suspects were there: hot dogs, hamburgers, eggs & beans, meats, and tacos.

If you look closely at the right upper hand corner you can see some women killing a turkey. Fresh food, eh?

Okay now let's move onto dessert....

Chocolate fruits are an everyday norm offered on every block in Xela. But usually they have chocobananos, pineapple, strawberries, or cake. At the festival they had apples, pears, marshmallows, and pretty much any other fruit you can think of covered in chocolate with either nuts or sprinkles.

There was also sugar cane to chew on, peanuts, lots of colorful candies.

And for my favorite part...


  1. My sweet, sweet sister has made me aware of quite a few spelling errors so please excuse my laziness to review my writing. Also, my English language abilities have declined quite a bit while here so I'm gonna pin it on that ;)

  2. its the content and the intent that matters and you have iT! gO gIRL. lOVE IT.

  3. FUN! this is awesome. those rides look scary.